5 Tips to take a cat on your car trip

5 Tips to take a cat on your car trip

Cat bed

Before going on a trip, First thing to prepare is a ped bed. We can buy it from the internet or a pet shop. One thing we have to remember is about the size of a pet bed. Make sure that it will fit in your car. One more thing you have to do is to take your cat to explore the car. Let your cat be there for 3-5 minutes before going on a trip to make it get familiar with the car.

Food and water

During the trip, cats might get hungry or thirsty. We should bring their food and water in a pet bowl. Do not let our pets get dehydrated for a long time. Be sure to notice that your cat's bowl is full of water.

Cat toys

Don’t forget to bring their toys when you are on a trip with your cats. It will get more familiar, comfortable and reduce stress. You can bring as many as you want but be sure that it does not bother you when you are driving. 

Cat toilet

cats are no different from us, it’s very important to bring a toilet for our cats. Keep in mind a toilet needs to be fit in your car. Our recommendation is to buy 2 cat toilets. The first one is for use in a house. The second one is for spare and use in a car.


One small secret for cat lovers is to always notice especially when it’s in a car. If it had a lot of stress, cats are likely to do abnormal behaviors. If you notice that your cat is in a dangerous state, stop a trip immediately and visit a vet.

It’s easy, right? Just 5 trips will make you have a good trip with your lovely cat. Don’t let a cat get lonely now and be sure to give them love as well as food.


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